Thursday, 23 April 2015

Creating a game

Holiday Writing

Last cold Monday I went to a camping site with my dad and my siblings in Coromandel.

How we got to the camping site was on my dads caravan. It is pretty big. After a big ride in our caravan we stopped at the shop to get some food for us to eat. What we had to eat was a delicious cheese and steak pie with a lovely refreshing drink called Aloe.

After we went to the shop we started to head to our campsite. Once we got to the campsite we started to set up our beds, food , campfire and we also got ready to take our dogs for a walk. When we were ready to take our dogs for a walk we got on our bikes and we raced down a pathway to the lake.I was the last one but i didn't care because I was with my dad.When we got to the lake we started to go for a walk because we were tied and we didn’t want to rush the dogs because they were having a drink. Also when we had a little bit of time me and my siblings went for a swim for about half an hour it was cold.When it was time to go I said goodbye to the little fish.

After I said goodbye to the fish we started to head  back to our caravan.
When we got back to our caravan we started to gather up some stones and some twigs for our campfire. I didn't get any stones or twigs because I was in the caravan making the smores and marshmallows with ice-cream and chocolate sauce for dinner.When my dad came back with my siblings he told me “Make sure you set out the table and the cutlery please.”And I said “ok dad.”A few minutes later i finished setting the table out and the cutlery. When i finished setting out the table and the cutlery i went back into the caravan and  i played with my dogs. Fluffy, Zebra, Malcolm and velvet. When it turned night time me and my siblings went to go get the twigs from the back of the caravan.
Our dessert was ice-cream and chocolate sauce. After we had dessert we went into our caravan and went into beds. In the morning me and my dad took my dogs for a walk while my siblings packed up. When we got back from our walk we were going to have breakfast. What we had for breakfast was Weet-bix with a cold milo. It was pretty nice.

After we had breakfast we had to go back to our house. I was really sad that we had to go but i told my dad if we could come back here again.
I loved camping with my dad and my siblings. I hope we can go back there very soon.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Manuwai Creek Animation stack

My Animation is about oamaru creek and  we are learning about how the water gets clean and also how the water gets dirty.This is my Animation Hope you enjoy.Please leave a comment if you enjoyed.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Manuwai Use your Wits

Using our WITS

If somebody is bullying you what you do is use your wits.

First What W means is walk away.What walk away means is.If someone is Bullying you what you do is you don’t talk to them you just get up and go somewhere far where they can’t see you and will not bully you.

The next letter we are going onto is I.What I stands for is ignore.What ignore means is that if someone is talking to you well the teacher is talking what you do is you just listen to the teacher instead of the person that is annoying you.

Now the next letter we are going onto is T.What T stands for is talk about it.What talk about it means is when you argue with someone and it hasn't been sorted what you do is you talk with the person you were arguing with so it sorts the problem.

Now the next letter we are going onto is S.What S stands for is seek help.What seek help means If your friends are fighting and they will not stop what you do is you go and look for a teacher and tell them that you friends are fighting and they will not stop.So when you get a teacher they will go to the people who are fighting and they will tell them to stop and calm down.

So that is what the wits mean.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Thursday, 12 February 2015

My Holiday highlight

In the holiday i went to my dads house on saturday.When i went to my dads house i played Minecraft with my brother Tony.What i made on Minecraft was a big castle.After I made my castle i made a city to go with the castle.When me and my finished building our city we had a building competition.What we had to do was we have to pick a block.And behind the block that you choses is a title to what you have to build.What we had to build was a hotel.We were only allowed 40 mins to build our hotel.If we are lucky we can get 10 mins left to finished.But After me and my brother finished  building our hotel we had to stop playing Minecraft because it was dinner time.So that was all i did in the holidays.